Italy LBF League Starts This Weekend

The Italian Womens Basketball League (LegA Basket Femminile) will be opening this weekend. All games will be held in Rome and the Round Table of coaches, clubs and players on October 11th in a gala. Below is the list of games that will be held during the weekend. The scores from the LBF can be […]

LBF Opening Day Napoli Italy

Lega Basket Femminile in Italy will start this weekend 10-12 of October in Napoli, Italy. The stage will be set with all 12 teams in A1 Series League. Saturday October 10th 2009 16:00 GMA Phonica Pozzuoli – Lavezzini Parma17:30 Cras Basket Taranto – Pool Comense Sunday October 11th 2009 16:00 Erg Priolo – Famila Wuber […]

Italian Cup Final Four In March

In Rome, March 15-16th the Final Four of the Italian Cup will be hosted by Famila Wuber Schio. Past Gold Medal Winners 1993 Pool COMENSE 1994 Pool COMENSE 1995 Pool COMENSE 1996 Famila SCHIO 1997 Pool COMENSE 1998 CariParma PARMA 1999 Famila SCHIO2000 Pool COMENSE2001 Cerve PARMA2002 Meverin PARMA 2003 Cras Basket TARANTO 2004 Famila […]

Italian League Game Summary and Stats

A1 Italian League Game Summary and Stats Germano Zama Faenza – Fiera di Roma Pomezia (72-48)Total Points: Eric 20 – Hodges 152pt shots: Nieuwveen 4/7 – Machanguana 7/153pt shots: Franchini 2/3 – Carrol 1/4Foul Shots: Nieuwveen 5/5 – Hodges 2/2Defensive Rebounds: Nieuwveen 10 – Machanguana 9Offensive Rebounds: Jokic 3 – Machanguana 5Steels: Ballardini e Jokic […]

Italian Lega Basket Femminile LBF Opening Day

This weekend marked the opening 2007-2008 season for the Lega Basket Femminile (Italian Women's Basketball League). The Italian Federation decided to celebrate Womens Basketball a little differently this year with a fashion show. It featured several players who were models for the night: Marianna Balleggi, Alexandra Vujovic, Lisa Carroll, Courtney Willis, Lasma Jekabsone, Beatrice Sciacca, […]

Clarisse Machanguana signs with San Raffaele

Clarisse Machanguana signs a year contract with San Raffaele in Italy's A1 League. Last year she played in the Italian League with Roma and averaged 15 ppg and 7rb per game. Her international experience will help the teams success. Quick Profile Age: 34 Position: Forward/Center University: Old Dominion University Highlights: Played in the WNBA for […]

LegA Basket Femminile Qualifications

The League Feminine Basket established the Gironi of qualification to the final phase of the Cup of Italy of A2 edition 2007/2008. The competitions of this phase will be developed in the period that goes from 9 to 23 September 2007. NORD Girone To Juvenilia S. LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY Reggio EmiliaAss.Pallacanestro BroniNew Polibasket S.BonifacioValtarese 2000 […]

Shannon Johnson To Play In Italy

Signing Shannon Johnson was big for the Reyer Umana VENEZIA basketball club from Venezia. Johnson's experience in the USA National Team, WNBA and all over the world will be a great addition! Quick Profile Age: 33 Position: Point Guard University: University of South Carolina Highlights: 8th season in the WNBA, Gold Medalist 2004 Summer Olympics […]

Erin Lawless To Play In Italy

Erin Lawless has signed with New Wash Montigarda Basket in the Top Italian Womens Basketball League. Lawless is a 6'2 forward and played in Purdue University during her colleagiate career. She will hope to make a mark in the Italian League with Montigarda Basket.

Kathrin Ress Signs Two Year Contract

Kathrin Ress who's nationality is Italian has signed a two year contract with Famila Wuber SCHIO to play in her birth country. After playing her collegiate career at Boston College she is heading back to Italy to continue as a professional. In the USA, Ress is playing for WNBA's team Minnesota Lynx and averaging almost […]