Elisha Ruth Turek – In Love With God

Last year José Ángel Rivera “Mozan”, the coach of Pío XII in the Spanish LF2, bet on a completely unknown and recently graduated at the Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma player, Elisha Turek. I worked out and Elisha caused an impact last year and was the underdog in Liga Femenina 2. After that great […]

Tamara Young Agrees To Leave Extrugasa

In a mutual decision between the basketball club Extrugasa in Spain, Tamara Young will participate in her final game with the team on Saturday. Young was unable to adapt to the league style of play and offensively did not provide enough to help the team who is currently standing in 12th place. Another American teammate […]

Ciudad Ros Casares Thrashes Rivas Futura

Ciudad Ros Casares 73 – Rivas Futura 42 The reigning champions had no mercy and left no room for speculation. This could have been a one quarter game, since Ros Casares show their intentions of renewing the title. The Valencia outfit dominated the game on both ends, add into their firepower an overwhelming defense that […]

Outsanding Allison Feaster Leads San Jose To Semis

CLUB BALONCESTO SAN JOSÉ 71 – EXTRUGASA 61 The excellent third quarter from the american guard makes the difference for León Levelled first quarter with a slightly better Extrugasa in the offense that finished the first ten minutes 22-17 lead by the lithuanian international Agne Ciudarene with 8 points, while Allison Feaster lead San José […]

Taru Tuukkanen Signs CajaCanarias

Taru Tuukkanen has signed to play with CajaCanarias for the 2007-2008 seasons. She will be coached by the new Finnish national team coach from Spain Domingo Diaz.

Shay Murphy: “Never Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch”

SHAY MURPHY: “NEVER COUNT YOUR EGGS BEFORE THEY HATCH” Jorge Méndez had a big trouble at his team backcourt when after last season Armintie Price, who had a big contribution to the team, said she won’t be back next season because of her wedding, but Mendez’s moves couldn’t be better nor faster since he took […]

Marta Fernández Signs With Ros Casares

Ros Casares has practically changed their entire roster from the past few years. Former Ros Casares player, Marta Fernández who spent the last few years in Poland will return to Spain and to the city of Valencia where she played for 5 years (1999-2004). Fernández born December 21st 1981, is a 1,80 guard. She is […]

Extrugasa And Obenasa Navarra Will Play Liga Femenina

Extrugasa returns to Liga Femenina after beating a fighting Space Tanit Eivissa, 67-60. Extrugasa jumped out to a 17-2 run, not letting score Ibiza from minute one to eight. Gustavo Lalima even called time out but he didn’t find a way to get his team started. Probably the anxiety of playing their first Fase de […]

Playoffs To Liga Femenina Spain

MOGUERZA REAL CANOE N.C. AND ARGON UNI GIRONA NEW LIGA FEMENINA TEAMS FOR NEXT SEASON Last weekend two spots in the next season of Liga Femenina were on stake. The best four teams in the last edition of Liga Femenina 2 contended to be next season in the highest level in two games which lived […]

Live Spanish Womens Basketball LF

This Saturday December 8th-9th the Spanish Basketball Federation will broadcast every game in the Liga Feminina online. The live gamecast will be located at two locations. You can follow by live streaming at FEBTV and by live stats . Be sure to check your time zone so that you don't miss out!Saturday December 8thMann Filter […]