Allez Les Bleues – France Are Europe Champions

RUSSIA 53 – FRANCE 57 Defense dominated the first quarter, Russia placed zone defense- which was all about trading baskets. France used mainly its post play. Emmeline Ndongue put her team ahead making it 6-4 with 4:30 remaining and the French kept in front until the end of the first. Svetlana Ambrosimova tried to lead […]

Spain Claims The Bronze

BELARUS 56 – SPAIN 63 The first quarter was marked by poor shooting from both teams –a 30% in field goals for each team and trading baskets in the first was really poor. With 3:·0 remaining Anastaiya Verameyenka made it 9-8 with Spain in front but it would take 1:30 more to score somebody again. […]

Russia Leaves Spain Out Of The Final

SPAIN 61 – RUSSIA 77 Russia started 7-2 after two minutes but Spain began trading. Defense was tough and both teams struggled to score. Russia was lead by Maria Stepanova with 8 pts. Spain slowly closed the gap and finished the first trailing 15-13. In the second quarter, the defense tougher even more – the […]

France Back In The Eurobaske Finals After 8 Years

BELARUS 56 – FRANCE 64 None of the teams dominated the first quarter in which all was about trading baskets, reaching the end of the first with France in front 20-18. However France controlled the second. After Trading in the first five minutes Sandrine Gruda sparked a 7-0 run to pass from 28-27 to 35-27 […]

Italy Ends Latvia’s Hopes Of Making It To The Worlds

ITALY 68 – LATVIA 66 Latvia came out strong and was ahead 12-3 after 3:30 Gunta Basko and Zane Tamane scored 4 apiece- Italy struggled in front Latvia’s defense, while Basko lead the team in the offense to end the first ahead 25-10. Both teams struggled in the offense in the first 5 minutes of […]

Greece And Italy Will Fight For A Spot At The Worlds

SLOVAKIA 59 – GREECE 64 In a game in which teams got off to a slow start in shooting Dimitra Kalentzou lead the team in the first with Dimitra Kalentzou of her teams 17 pts and the score was 17-11 after a struggling first half of the quarter. Slovakia stopped the Greeks after four minutes […]

Hammon Leads Russia To Semifinals After Overtime

RUSSIA 69 – LATVIA 64 Svetlana Ambrosimova came out strong for Russia scoring 6 of the first 10 pts from her team, making it10-2 after 3:30 -she scored 10 from Russia's 14 pts in the first. Latvia struggled in the beginning credit to Russia's defense. Ambrosimova made it 14-5 with three minutes remaining but then […]

Late Accuracy Gets France In Semifinals

FRANCE 51 – GREECE 49 Teams came out strong defensively and both struggled offensively. The lack of scoring didn't help either. After 5:30 the score was 6-5 for Greece, after three free throws from Evanthia Maltsi after being fouled while attempting a three pointer but France would end up ahead 10-7 back to back baskets […]

Spain's Hardwork To Advance To Semifinals

SPAIN 61 – ITALY 42 Italy came off with a strong start with a 12-1 run, leaving Spain in just one point in the first six minutes propelled by its tough defense. Laura Macchi guided Italy’s sport with 7 pts – she scored 12 of her team’s 17 in the first quarter. Alba Torrens finally […]

Belarus Needed Overtime To Advance To Semifinals

SLOVAKIA 68 – BELARUS 70 In the first 3:30 the game was all about trading baskets. Belarus leading 14-13 with Anastasiya Verameyenka heading the team with 7 from her teams 14 but then Belarus improved defensively and scored a 10-0 run in the nest six minutes to put ahead 24-13 with 20 seconds remaining after […]