Finnish League Standings March

Catz Lappeenranta the team holding the #1 position in the Koris League for many weeks, was upset by 5th team Huima on Sunday. Now, Peli-Karhut is in the drivers seat with the number one spot and hoping to repeat last years championship year.

Naiset SM-Sarja League Standings (March 3,2008)

1. Peli-Karhut
2. Catz Lappeenranta
3. Helsingin NMKY
4. Espoo Team
5. Äänekosken Huima
6. BC Nokia
7. HoNsU Jyväskylä
8. Pussihukat
9. Forssan Alku

Notes: Sanna Jamsen came back this weekend after maternity leave scoring 3 pts and 10 points respectively for Huima.


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