French League Engines Starting


France starts league and there are some surprises and wrap ups. Gaelle Skrela is being replaced by Adriana Pinto due to injury and will be out until the end of the year for Montpellier.


Isabelle Yacobou
will be out for a couple of months and will be replaced temporarily by Iciss Tillis who was in Spain for two days in Hondarribia. Tarbes is allowed to add w to the roster despite having signed two Americans. Due to the replacement as a medical cover for the injuered Yacobou who is international. Tillis has already played in France before with USVO for 9 games during the 2004 -2005 season.


Dana Boonen signs with Rennes in NF1 and replace Liz Wolfe who decide to leave the club to Canada.

Geraldine Robert will miss the start of the season after undergoing surgery on right knee last week and is not expected back for at least 4 weeks.

France Weekend Results

Open Basse-Normandie Tournament

Bourges won the Open Basse-Normandie

Bourges 67-50 Clermont-Ferrand (Final)
Mondeville 66 – 68 USVO (3rd Place)


Mondeville 80 -85 Clermont-Ferrand
USVO 53 – 81 Bourges

Villeneuve d'Ascq won the traditional north tournament organised by Cob Calais. The four teams played each other in a round robin competition over 3 days

Arras 80 – 81 St Amand
Calais 70 – 79 Villeneuve
Arras 73- 79 Villeneuve
Calais 45 – 54 St Amand
St Amand 55 – 60 Villeneuve
Calais 57 – 67 Arras

Montpellier won their « Jacky Chazalon » tournament
Montpellier 75 – 56 Pays d'Aix
Pays d'Aix 72 – 56 Mourenx
Montpellier 79 – 66 Mourenx

In other friendly matches played over the weekend
Challes-les-Eaux beat Reims twice (71-67) and (75-61) and Tarbes lost to Irun (Spain) (67-74).


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