France LFB First Week Results

During the first week of the hectic LFB schedule with teams playing three games during the span of eight days, several surprises took place. Bourges and USVO are the only teams with a 100 percent record while Aix-en-Provence and Calais are yet to register a victory. Aix-en-Provence current situation is the major surprise of the week.

After the exciting season, last year nothing should be taken for granted in the LFB as some of the results in the second round illustrated with victory of Arras against Tarbes (69-67) and also St Amand beating Montpellier (72-62). In the other second round matches Reims beat Clermont-Ferrand (78-76) and Villeneuve beat Challes (70-62). Kathy Wambe finished with 13 points and 16 assists in this match as her side recovered from their Paris nightmare. Geraldine Robert made a surprise appearance and Iveta Marcauskaite played in what turned out to be her last match of the season. She is now officially on maternity leave.

Lenae Williams scored 27 points and won the second round MVP award as Mondeville rebounded back with an emphatic display at home beating Aix-en-Provence (81-57). In the other matches Bourges did enough to keep Moureux at bay (91-78) while USVO waited until the final period before putting down Calais (87-62).

The player of the 3rd round is Grace Daley, she finished with 29 points hitting 5-of-6 from beyond the arc as Montpellier overturned Tarbes (87-71). The only surprise of the weekend was the margin of victory Bourges had over Villeneuve (67-42). USVO once again had to work hard to overcome Arras (70-57), while Challes-les-Eaux came from behind to beat Reims (65-55). Mondeville always in control held of Mourenx (86-13). Clermont-Ferrand put away Calais early in the game and then paced themselves to victory (84-69). St Amand won (64-44) against Aix-en-Provence with Tamara Moore leading the scoring with 19 points.

For 8 clubs the routine of 2 games per week continues as they play in either in the EuroCup or EuroLeague competitions which start this week.

The big game for next weekend is Bourges vs Mondeville which will be played on Sunday because Mondeville have an away game in Euroleague.


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