Montpellier Squashes Nantes


The second game of the day matched Basket Lattes Montpellier Agglomération and Nantes Rezé Basket

Both teams came out with a slow start, not seeming any of them to have a clear idea of the game they wanted to display so it was hard to move the scoreboard at the first stages of the game since teams were tied, 8-8, with just 2:30 remaining in the quarter. Sheana Mosch took then the leading voice and Montpellier entered the game. Her team made a 7-2 run in the last two minutes of the first and marched to the second 15-10 up, with Mosch having scored 7 points for Montpellier, while Michelle Van Gorp and Sandrine Ronot had 4 each for Nantes.

Montpellier’s Sheana Mosch added 8 more points in the second and her team took control of the game, with Nantes not being able to create good looks and struggling to score, scoring just 4 points in the first minutes and seeing how Valéry Demory’s team added points to its lead. Defending aggressively and playing comfortably in the offensive end. Nantes wouldn’t score until there were 1:32 remaining for the break. Michelle Van Gorp scored Nantes’ last two points before the break to make it, 32-16, but Montpellier closed the half 20 points up, 36-16.

After the interval Montpellier killed definitively the game and they just added points to their score, with a Nantes team unable to react . Three straight three pointers put Montpellier up by 40, 59-19, the shots were scored by Sheana Mosch (7 pts), Pauline Krawczyk (8 pts) and Gäelle Skrela, assisted both by Mosch, with less than two minutes to the end of the third which ended 67-23.

In the fourth Montpellier relaxed finally and let Nantes play. Nantes scored more points in the fourth quarter than in the whole first half (18) and the won the quarter, 12-18, to make it 79-41 at the end of the game.

For Nantes Rezé Sandrine Ronot was the only one to reach double figures with 10 pts, while in Montpellier Sheana Mosch lead the team with 22 pts, joined by Pauline Krawczyk and Elodie Bertal with 15 apiece.


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