LFB France Pro Signings 2009

New signings for the LFB France Women's League for the 2009-2010 season. The LFB Open 2009 will be held on September 26-27 in Paris. Tickets from 8euros – 13euros.Click here for tickets

Tiffany Stansbury – Aix
Leilani Mitchell – Arras
Ilona Burgrova – Bourges
Lauren Neaves – Calais
Jennifer Humphrey – Calais
Kirby Copeland – halles – les – Eaux
Constance Jinks – Lattes Montpellier
Khadijah Whittington – Lattes Montpellier
Lenae Williams – Mondeville
Britany Miller – Mondeville
Lindsay Taylor – Nantes – Reze
Charde Houston – Tarbes
Jolene Anderson – Villeneuve – d ' Ascq

We will be updating the list.

View the LFB Open website for the opening.


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