Italy LBF League Starts This Weekend

The Italian Womens Basketball League (LegA Basket Femminile) will be opening this weekend. All games will be held in Rome and the Round Table of coaches, clubs and players on October 11th in a gala. Below is the list of games that will be held during the weekend. The scores from the LBF can be followed at the Italy Womens Basketball Scores section.

Pool Comense vs. Gescom MCI Viterbo

G.M.A. Phonica Pozzuoli vs. Famila Wüber Schio

Acer Erg Priolo vs. Umana Venezia

Women Basket Livorno vs. Banco di Sicilia Ribera

Bracco Geas Sesto San Giovanni vs. Lavezzini Parma

Cras Basket Taranto vs. Club Atletico Faenza

Liomatic Umbertide vs. Napoli Basket Vomero


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