Outsanding Allison Feaster Leads San Jose To Semis


The excellent third quarter from the american guard makes the difference for León

Levelled first quarter with a slightly better Extrugasa in the offense that finished the first ten minutes 22-17 lead by the lithuanian international Agne Ciudarene with 8 points, while Allison Feaster lead San José with 8 pts too.

Both teams were slow in the offense in the second -2-1 for León was the sport in the first four minutes, so Isaac Fernández had to call a time out to improve his team’s offense. Instead of that, Miguel Ángel Estrada’s girl levelled the game 23-23 after a jumper from Anna Gómez, who capped a 6-1 run with 4:40 remaining for the break

Kiesha Brown and María Asurmendi put Extrugasa in front again with 5 straight points and both teams traded baskets since then. In the last 1:30 appeared Allison Feaster who scored 5 straight points to put her team in front. Liron Cohen capped the run with a trey to make it 8-1 and put her team 36-31 in front before the break

Third quarter was personal between Feaster and Kiesha Brown. Kiesha Brown levelled the game again with 5 straight points, 36-36. She was the main offensive weapon for Extrugasa with 10 points, but Feaster lead the reaction in León -she scored 12 from her team’s 16 points in the quarter, 11 in the first four minutes ot the third leading her team to double digit lead.

Only Jo Hill World score also for Extrugasa, she scored 5 straight points in the last seconds of the quarter to make the score 52 to 46 entering in the last quarter which started with an 8-0 run for San José, 60-46. Cutting the drought again Kiesha Brown with a jumper. Extrugasa had serious difficulties in the offense and only pushed a little bit harder in the last 1:50 when they closed the gap to seven points (66-59) but they wouldn’t get closer and León won the ticket to semis with a 71-61 victory

Allison Feaster had 32 pts for León, where Liron Cohen scored 11 and dished 7 assists.

For Extrugasa Kiesha Brown had 21 pts, Leslie Ardon 10 and Agne Ciudarene 12 and 6 boards




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