Euroleague 2009 Women Quarterfinals Results

The first round of the quarterfinals began yesterday with Moscow Spartak shocking Ros Casares (65-57) last night, despite a big game by Amaya Valdemoro. Halcon Avenida opened well with a big win in Salmanca over MiZo Pécs 2010 by 22 points (85-63). UMMC Ekaterinburg also is only one win away to the semifinals with their big win over Fenerbahce by 22points (94-62). Bourges Basket struggled the entire game and fought back however it was not enough as MKB Euroleasing managed to hold them off with a 3 point win (68-65).

Next schedule game play for elimination or third game if necessary. February 20, 2009

  • MKB Euroleasing v Bourges Basket (18:00 local time)
  • Ros Casares v Moscow Spartak (20:00 local time)
  • Fenerbahce v UMMC Ekaterinburg (19:30 local time)
  • MiZo Pécs v Halcon Avenida (18:00 local time)


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