Europe Takes Victory Over The Rest Of The World in All-Star Game

Europe 93 – Rest of the World 89

The Rest of the World started the first period fine, until they could not find an answer to defend the European Euroleague All-Star Game MVP Agnieszka Bibrzycka. There was no answer to the hot hand of Bibrzycka who scored 6/10 from three point land to hep her squad squeeze out the close win over the Rest of the World. Rebecca Brunson, the highest scorer for the ROW, played well however, overall the defensive and offensive effort of Angel McCoughtry pushed her team closer to the victory but was not enough.

Post Game Quotes –

Rest of the World head coach Pokey Chatman:
"A big thanks to the organisers. We knew that Lotos Gdynia are a good organisation since we played here twice this season. We witnessed a good game where everybody enjoyed himself and got a worthy MVP in Agniezka Bibrzycka."

Rest of the World forward Angel McCoughtry:
"Biba played a great game and deserves tobring home the MVP trophy. I have never played in a game like this and I hope it was only the first with a lot more to come. Congratulations to the Europe team."

Europe forward and All Star Game MVP Agnieszka Bibrzycka:
"It was great playing again in Gdynia. Bringing home the MVP makes this even more special. I think this was a great All Star Game for the fans."

Box Score

Europe: Bibrzycka 20, Ndongue 12, Macchi 10, Fernandez 9, Jekabsone-Zogota 7, Vajda 7, Torrens 6, Yilmaz 6, Gruda 6, Bermejo Moreno 4, Matovic 3, Horakova 3.

Rest of the World: Brunson 15, McCoughtry 13, Dupree 11, Joens 10, Taylor 8, McWilliams 8, Milton-Jones 6, Young 6, Taurasi 5, Phillips 5, Whalen 2, Burse 0.

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