Spartak Moscow Wins Yet Another Euroleague Championship

Spartak Moscow 87-80 Ros Casares

Another title for Spartak Moscow .. Diana Taurasi MVP.

Ros Casares jumped out to a fast start. A very focused Delisha Milton-Jones scored 7 from the first Ros’ 9 points in the first three minutes while Diana Taurasi did the same in for Spartak, also scoring 7 pts in the first. Teams traded baskets during a tied first quarter in which Anna Montañana and Erika De Souza helped Ros to reach the second quarter just one point behind, 24-23, with 7 and 6 pts apiece.

Things got complicated for Ros in the second. Delisha Milton-Jones picked up her third foul at the beginning of the quarter and had to lower her intensity, while her teammate Erika De Souza wasn’t having on of her best games either. Much of the guilt of that was Pokey Chatman’s team intense defense that won’t let open shots to Isma Cantó players who didn’t took advantage from the fouls they drew to Spartak, failing from the charity stripe, especially during the first half.

Spartak had Sylvia Fowles and Diana Taurasi on bench but Janel McCarville stepped up for the Russian outfit ruling on both lanes and adding 8 pts in the offense. A jumper from the Liberty’s center put her team 37-31 ahead with four minutes for the break. The first serious lead for Spartak which slowly would eventually stretch its lead while frustrating Ros’ attempts to close the gap and reached the interval 49-39 ahead, also controlling perfectly the game.

After the break Ros Casares came back with a 9-2 run, to get into three points, 53-48, after 4:40, and leading to Chatman’s timeout. After the stop her team took a deep breath thanks to four freebies, 55-48, but Ros came back again and got into one point after a jumper from Belinda Snell, 57-56, with 1:40 remaining. But Canto’s team didn’t finish the job and Spartak took another deep breath with four freebies (Osipova – Korstin) and an unfortunate Valdemoro’s play that put the ball into Ilona Korstin hands under the rim to complete a 6-1 run to reach the fourth quarter ahead, 63-57.

In the last quarter Ros kept trying to win the game, but the Russians took control of the game with Taurasi, Bird and Korstin, undermining Valencians will who saw they weren’t able to put their noses ahead. A three pointer from Janel Mc Carville after three minutes returned the double digit margin to Spartak, 72-62, and from then on they controled the tempo of the game and making pointless Ros Casares fight to take the EuroLeague crown to Valencia, and finally Spartak would take its fourth straight EuroLeague Title, 87-80.

Diana Taurasi was the MVP with 29 pts, 6 boards and 2 assists. Janel McCarville added 20 pts and 13 rebounds and Ilona Korstin poured in 16 pts.

Delisha Milton-Jones had 19 pts and 8 boards. Erika de Souza finished with 16 and 7 boards, Amaya Valdemoro added 14 and Belinda Snell 12.

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