Ekaterinburg to Host EuroLeague Women Final Four

Russian City and home of powerhouse squad UMMC, Ekaterinburg, will be hosting this year's EuroLeague Women Final Four that will be played from April 8-10.

FIBA Europe President Olafur Rafnsson announced the development before the EuroLeague Women All-Star Game, saying that he is confident that Ekaterinburg will live up to the expectations being one of the most experienced and professional teams in the League.

"UMMC Ekaterinburg are one of the most experienced and professional clubs in EuroLeague Women," said Rafnsonn. "I am sure that they will host another great edition of the EuroLeague Women Final Four."

UMMC Ekaterinburg, which will host the final four for the first time despite being a perennial powerhouse in the league, will host Sparta&K Vidnoje, Ros Casares Valencia, and Halcon Avenida Salamanca in this year's semifinals.

Like Rafnsson, FIBA Secretary General Nar Zanolin, also believes that Russia, having hosted big events before, would be a great host for this years Final Four, which is expected to be a slam bang encounters between the four powerhouse squads.

"It is about time that we go to the other side of the Urals," said Zanolin. "Russia obviously is the biggest country in Europe and I am proud and happy to go there for another exciting EuroLeague Women Final Four."

The host will square it off against Sparta&K Vidnoje, who booted out the top-seeded Fenerbahce in the Quarterfinals, while Ros Casares and Halcon Avenida will slug it out in the other semi-final pairing.


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