Brazil's New National Team Coach Carlos Colinas Needs Collective Team Effort

The new coach of Brazilian Women's National Basketball Team, Carlos Colinas, is already working for the 2010 World Championships to be held in September, in the Czech Republic. In an exclusive interview for, the Spanish coach said that the Brazilian team needs to adjust its game to reach the same level of the best teams in the world, but expressed confidence that will help in reshaping Brazil Women's Basketball.

Asked what the purpose of Brazil in the World, Carlos Colinas declined to specify what will be the result of selection in terms of classification. "There is a number. The goal is to achieve a quality level equal to the team's best teams in the world. If we reach that level, we can reach between 5 or 6 / 1," he explained.

Presented as new coach of Brazil, the Spaniard has already talked with seven players in the country who work in Europe – Iziane, Érika, Franciele, Adrianinha, Alessandra, Kelly and Zainer – to explain what changes you want to implement in the team.

"The conversation with the Brazilian players in Europe was very quiet. I explained the project and all involved and proved to be committed to help his team in their effort to reform."

Carlos Colinas also secured the presence of Iziane (from Wisla, Poland, and the Atlanta Dream, WNBA), despite the incident with the athlete's former coach Paul Bassul. The player was ruled out of selection because of a disagreement with the coach in pre-Olympic Madrid in 2008, was again summoned to the FIBA Americas Championship last year after the intervention of Hortência, director of the women's team, but refused to call.

"It is true that Iziane and Erika will be in the squad for the World Championships but they have a contract with the Atlanta Dream (WNBA) and depend on the classification or not the team to the WNBA playoffs. If they are eliminated in the first round, I hope that the two can be present between 15 and 20 August, "said Colinas.

The preparation of Brazil to World Cup begins in July, with friendly games against Slovakia in the 28th and 29th. The down menu still active in the Grand Prix, with Hungary, Russia and Slovakia and participate in the South American in August before the 2010 World Championships. The Brazilians who play in the WNBA would join the group only after the Czech World Championships Tournament. However, if the Atlanta Dream to reach the WNBA finals, the participation of Erika and would Iziante threat, as the final league matches of the U.S. women's basketball are scheduled to take place between 10-20 September, just three days before the start of the World Championships.

In the Czech Republic, Brazil will have the mission to wipe out the weak performance in recent international competitions. In 1994, Brazil captured the World Championships, placed fourth in the 2006 World Championships in Brazil, but had the second-worst campaign in the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Carlos Colinas downplayed the latest results and blamed the campaigns for embezzlement. "In recent years, Brazil could not count on their best players. There's always someone with a lesion or some internal problem. The psychological aspect is very important. At a high level competition like the World Championship and the Olympics, the games are won by a small margin of difference, and the players have to be very tough and very consistent. "

With the contract only until the end of the year at the head of Carlos Colinas also said that Brazil has to know if you want to play more collectively achieve the same level of the best teams in the world. "The Brazilian players are active, they like to play offensively, but it is possible that this game requires adjustments. We need to play a stronger and more collective. For now, we have to implement a greater sense of team, but do not have to change the Brazilian current system of game, "he said.

For the Spaniard, the short time contract with the team not going to stop the reformulation of women's basketball in the country and help the coaching staff will be crucial, which has the former player Janeth Arcain, also coach of the Under-15.

"For me, it's a pleasure to have as companion Janeth. I believe that the technical committee that the CBB has provided the first level."

Brazil is in Group C at the 2010 World Championships in the Czech Republic , along with Mali, Spain and South Korea. The grand stage will be held on September 23, against a selection of Mali.


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