Becky Hammon Confirms Availability for Russia in London

Becky Hammon confirmed that she will be playing for Russia in the upcoming 2012 London Olympics where the Russian squad will be one of the teams to watch out for.

Hammon, who was criticized when she decided to play for Russia as a naturalized player, has been a key figure in Russia’s success in recent huge competitions, helping the country finish with the bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Despite the criticisms she got with his decision, Hammon expressed excitement with his upcoming stint in the 2012 London Olympics and reiterated that playing for Russia was one of the best decisions she ever made.

“It is old news,” said Hammon when asked about her decision to play for Russia again. “I played with them in the world championship, European championship; hopefully I'll enjoy it a lot more. By far it was one of the best decisions I ever made and I stand by that, and really look forward to doing it again.”

When the South Dakota native decided to play for Russia in 2008, Hammon created media stir, questioning her patriotism, including one from former US Women coach Anna Donovan, but the 35-year-old guard is hoping that everything will be a bit lighter this time.

“I had reporters from all over the world asking me questions,” Hammon said. “Everywhere I went that's all anyone wanted to talk about. It's nice that this time people seem to be focused on other things.”

Hammon also announced that she will not be missing any games of her WNBA club San Antonio Silver Stars, unlike before when she was forced to miss games to focus on Russia’s preparation.

“I won't be missing any Silver Stars games and that's important to me,” Hammon said.

Russia was drawn in Group B and will be taking on Australia, host Great Britain, Brazil, and two more qualifiers from the 2012 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament.


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