Roster Changes For Czech Republic

As the weeks move forward for Eurobasket 2007 in Cheiti many teams will start to make cuts and additions as Coach Jan Bobrovsky for the Czech Republic National Team. Three players have been removed and an additional three players are scheduled to be removed to set the 15 player team in preparation for tournament.

Czech Republic coach Jan Bobrovsky has trimmed his preliminary squad for EuroBasket Women 2007 to 15 players.

This was not a simple task because last weekend his side won a four-nation tournament in France with a perfect record. They beat Russia (77-70), France (70-61) and on the final day Lithuania (99-64). A pleasing result, however, coach Jan Bobrovsky wants his players to reach to peak during Eurobasket, so he plans to modify their training program a little.

Tereza Brantlova, Darina Johnova and Kamila Stepanova have all been released from the squad that started the next phase of their preparation in Luhacovice today. The Czech Republic has a three match series against Belerus and a two match series against Russia in the next few days

CZE Jan Bobrovsky trims Roster

The 15 player Roster

Irena Borecká
Katerina Elhotova
Michala Hartigová
Romana Hejdova
Petra Kulichová
Hana Machová
Markéta Mokrosová
Zuzana Ondrejova
Romana Stehlíková
Edita Sujanová
Miloslava Svobodová
Michaela Uhrová
Ivana Vecerová
Jana Veselá
Eva Vitecková


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