Belgium Finish 7th in Eurobasket 2007

Belgium 72 – France 63

Midway through the first period the game was evenly balanced (11-11). Ann Wauters scored 9 of the first 14 points for Belgium and was given a round of applause by all the spectators when she was taken off for a breather. After several lead changes, France won the first period (19-18) off a jump-shot from Celine Dumerc.

There was a lot of running to start the second period but not much luck for either side in the scoring department, although Belgium had gone ahead (22-21). Wauters made her return just under 5 minutes break and immediately dished out an assist. Edwige Lawson-Wade hit her second trey of the afternoon to tie the game (24-24) for the ninth time. Marjorie Carpreaux came off the bench and also hit a trey, followed up with a fast-break assist to Wauters giving Belgium the largest lead of the contest (31-24). Jacques Commeres called for a time-out in order to break the rhythm of their opponents. As nothing appeared to get better for France, Commeres used a second time-out. With only 1 point scored in almost three minutes of play it was the turn of Laurent Buffard to use a time-out. France did break the dead lock in the last minute with 4-of-4 from the charity stripes on visits from Emmeline Ndongue and Lawson-Wade.

Belgium switched to a zone which kept France at bay for the first half of the third quarter, while they scored 9 unanswered baskets (41-28). Isabelle Yacoubou scored the first field goal in over 10 minutes of play, she followed up with a second score right under the basket. Krissy Bade, off the bench, hit a shot from just within the arc to complete a 6:0 run. The pace of the game picked up and Wauters continued to cause problems for France as she added more points to her tally or by creating space for her team-mates such as Sara Leemans to profit as Belgium hung on to their lead (45-36). 8 points from Sandrine Gruda including a period-ending-buzzer-beater drew the sides level (47-47) going to the final period.

Dumerc scored for France but Belgium hit back almost immediately with a trey from Anke De Mondt. Wauters showed another piece of class as she saved a ball from going out with a behind-the-head pass to Ilse Van den Vonder. Belgium more adventurous play enabled them to hold the lead (58-53). France's only working combination Lawson-Wade – Gruda kept France in the game but as money-time approached a Kathy Wambe-trey put Belgium in the driving seat (66-57). Gruda and Lawson-Wade combination was the only offensive option that worked for France but it was enough to combat Belgium who went on win (72-63).


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