Sonja Petrovic In Spartak Champions Of Europe And Russia

Sonja Petrovic (F – 19 – 189) young Serb international after successfully play in FC Barcelona, where she played with 17 years and this season with Bourges Basket take over all possible trophies in France.

Next season you will be a member of European and Russian champions Spartak MR.

Spartak MR engages the best Europe young players 2007 demonstrated their strategy for rejuvenate actually championship team.

This will be new big challenge for Sonja and possibilities for progressing through training and games with famous players like, Bird, Taurasi, Jackson, Karpunina, Ossipova, Miller. On this manner, we wish express gratitude to all of you, coaches, players, medical, management, fans, on education, cooperation, support, understanding, special to coaches Silvia Font (FC Barcelona) and Pierre Vincent (Bourges Basket).

We will be very glad to meet you as soon as possible


Thanks a lot.

Sonja & Rade


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