Quotes From Spanish National Team

Interview and quotes from members of the Spanish Womens Basketball Team: By Lokosbasket


LOK@S: Tests are finished and now’s time for the truth, How’s the team?

Cindy: We’re very happy and excited. We know that’s a challenge, it’s a high level EuroBasket, the teams have strengthened very well, some of them recovered players as for instance the Czech Republic. To say the truth we’re a bit anxious for the beginning of the tournament but we feel very well and really excited

LOK@S: Czech Republic it’s the first contest, Something particular you’re worried about the Czechs?

Cindy: I guess coming out strong. Dominate the rebounding since they’re very tall players. It’s not that their centers rule the boards but their tall forwards not to step into the paint and help in the offensive rebound because they’re very talented and competitive.

LOK@S: What about the rest of the teams, Ukraine and Slovak Republic?

Cindy: We start from the point that any rival can have a big day however they might seem approachable but there isn’t really easy rivals. We must play hard and go for it.

LOK@S: Personally, How do you feel?

Cindy: I feel good. I’m in a pretty fit since that little problems I had during the Olimpics and thanks to physiotherapy and the good work made by “Domi” strengthening my back so I feel pretty fit at the moment. I also feel very excited and psicologiaclly strong so I hope to make it happen and not being overcome for anxiety and the will to make things right that sometimes beat me and I enter in foul trouble too fast.

LOK@S: Thank you so much and have a nice debut.


LOK@S: The tournament is about to begin and the preparation tournaments were so brilliant as they were befote EuroBasket 2007, How do you see the beginning og the tournament and how’s the team feeling?

Evaristo: Every year is different as the preparation tournaments are. In this occasion, counting on where we came from, just finished the league with a short time to recover and so on, all we planed it’s been done in order of being in the best condition on June the 7th, when the real deal begins. No doubt we’d love to win some more games because we always play to win, but this was secondary because the main objective was gelling the team and acquaire good habits, and above all get our own identity, but we musn’t forget that every placer during nine months a year are used to a different game and maybe here to a larger or shorter extent, they have to change their role, their game and stile so it takes some time to adjust to the changes. But I think that in short, if I look it today, the day before, I think we’ve done a really good job in every sense, physicall, recovery of some players, technical, tactical, and I think the team comes in with a really good condition to face the tournament.

LOK@S: This year you have two new additions in Anna Cruz and Silvia Domínguez, apart from living continuity to Alba Torrens, Laura Nicholls and Tamara Abalde who had their debut last year at the Olimpics, How have Anna and Silvia got into the team? And How it’s been the adjusting from Laura, Tamara and Alba?

Evaristo: Tamara, Nicholls and Alba Torrens, have happily improved during the league and none of them let themselves go just for the fact of being in the national team so young, as I say, I’m pleasantly surprised of their progression, they really stepped up. They wisely were in clubs that have given them opportunities, resposibilities and that have let they grow as players. I’m happy because they played good leagues and here they do a great work with ourselves. They’re not here as a prize, they crédito it.

About the new additions, national team renewal is not by accident, the team must evolve and in that evolution there is two new faces, or almost new faces.

Silvia Domínguez it’s been in the team some times befote but not permanently, I think this has been a great year for her because under her leading and guiding Avenida became runner up in the EuroLeague and I think it’s a tribute, not a prize, to a great season she’s played and I think she completes very well the other two players who can play the point in the team Elisa Aguilar or Laia Palau.

About Anna Cruz I’m not revealing a secret if I say she’s done a great Seaton. Not so long ago was chosen the best Spanish player in the league. She didn’t let herself go and has continued growing he game, taking advantage of her best abilities and trying to improve any disadvantage she might have, it’s a player that’s more complete every day and she brings things to the team.

LOK@S: Tomorros you play Czech Republic, with players that have Comeback to national team after not being in 2007, and players who hasn ‘t come to this tournamente as Hana Horackova (Machova), What do you think about them?

Evaristo: It’s always a hard contendant. In 2005 they won the EuroBasket crown. Maybe during this four years they’ve suffered changes on their roster not as positive as they might have liked but, apart from the absence of Hana Horackova at the point, I think that in the other spots, no matter backcourt or frontcourt, the team has strengthened since last year at the Olimpics. Some players that after claiming European crown four years ago retired from the national team have made a comeback and that makes them a fearful team and hard to beat. But in the last games we claimed victory and we’ll try again because we also know, not because they’re the Czech Republic, that winning the first game of a tournament is always important.

LOK@S: Thank you so much boss, have a nice debut.




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