Greece Let The Win Escape In The Last Second


Greece started the game playing its tough defense and making a 6-0 run in the first two minutes but after that they began to miss in the offensive end and Poland began to enter in the game, getting closer and closer as the Greeks struggled more and more in the offense. Krzystof Koziorowicz’s team finally turn the game upside down by scoring a 7-0 run in the last 2:30 after Styliani Kaltsidou drilled the three pointer to make it 13-11. Magdalena Leciejewska started the sport capped by Daria Mielozynska to enter the second 16-14 ahead.

Greece scored just 2 points in the firs 6:30 of the second –they were scoreless until minute 5 when Effrosyni Vlachou made it 22-16- while Poland, slowly, since they weren’t having their deay in the shooting, pulled its lead which reached double digit after Daria Myelozynska made it 26-16 with 3:38 for the break. Olga Chatzinikolau scored again for the Greeks with 3:25 remaining hitting the three pointer to make it 26-19 but both teams struggled in the offense in the next1:30. Zoi Dimitrakou scored from the freethrow line to close the gap for Greece 26-21. Magdalena Leciejewska gave some air Poland also from the line, 28-21. Then Evanthia Maltsi Comeback to court afte sitting out much of the quarter frustrated for the lack of scoring of her team. She entered the court with a minute remaining and nailed the first ball she touched –a trey- to put Greece 28-24 with 50 seconds remaining. Daria Mielozynska also answered from the perimeter on the ensuing possession, 38-21, but again Maltsi scored, this time from the charity stripe, to send her team tho the lockers trailing just for five points, 31-24.

Maltsi kept the momentum and scored 5 straight points –two freebies and a trey- to put Greece into two points, 31-29, after just one minute and Aikaterina Sotiriou splits from the free throw to make it, 31-30, after over two minutes in which none of the teams scored. Greece recovered its tough defense and after Jujstyna Jeziorna made it 33-30 for Poland Greece made a 10-0 run started by Zoi Dimitrakou and capped by Maltsi to put Konstantinos Missas’ team 40-33 ahead with 3:30 to enter in the fourth. Poland just scored two points in the first 6:30.

Greece got cold again and Poland scored 4 straight points to make it 40-37. Dimitra Kalentzou scored from the free throw for Greece, 42-37, but Poland answered with 4 straight points in the last 1:30 – two freebies from Agnieszka Skobel and a basket form Justyna Jeziorna- to put into one point, 42-41. Aikaterina Sotiriou gave air her team with two free throws, 44-41, and 10 seconds remaining, but when there seemed to be no more time Ewelina Kobryn put Poland into one again, 44-43, entering the fourth.

Back to back treys from Zoi Dimitrakou and Evanthia Maltsi made it 49-44 for Greece beginning then the trade. Greece wanted to close the game but sent Poland to the line and they won’t miss while they struggled again in the offense and on the boards. Magdalena Leciejewska put Poland into two points with two freebies after 4:15, 51-49, but at the same time she fouled out one key placer for the Greek squad, Stiliani Kaltsidou. Pelagia Papamichiali however, scored four straight points to give some air to Greece with 5 minutes remaining, 55-49, and the Trading went on. With 2:30 remaining and Greece up 60-55 after a jumper from Maltsi her team got anxious to close the game and that proved to be their fatal mistake since they began missing open shots and turning the ball over. Polan looked inside where Evelina Kobryn scored five straight points to level the score at 60 with 1:14 remaining. Greece missed the ball in the inbound pass bue Poland also miss, as Greece did in the ensuing possession and with 30 seconds to go Poland had plenty of time to find a winner shot. The shot came but didn’t go in. Daria Mieloszynska missed but the offensive rebound enden up in Magdalena Leciejewska’s had who scored the jumper to give victory to her team, 62-60.

Ewelina Kobryn had 17 pts and grabbed 12 boards for Poland. Justyna Jeziorna added 13 points and Magdalena Leciejewska had 12 pts and 12 boards. Daria Mieloszynska scored 10

In Greene Evanthia Maltsi had 21 pts and Styliani Kaltsidou 10. Poland outscored Greece 44-21.


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