Latvia Let No Place For Surprise


Hungary didn’t want to receive the same medicine Poland tasted the night before and came out strrong in defense leaving Latvia scoreless in the first three minutes. Scoring Anna VAdja four straight points for Hungary, but right after Vadja put the 4th point in the score Gunta Basko showed up for Latvia and scored 7 unanswered points to put Latvia in front 7-4 after 5 minutes. However the Baltic team struggled in front of Hungary’s defense – Anete Jekabsone-Zogota didn't score until minute 6:20- but Hungary did the same in front of Latvia’s defense. As a result teams just scored five points overall in 1:30 minutes, but after Anete Jekabsone scored Latvia just let one basket from Hungary in the last 3:30 to make an 11-2 run –with 5 points from Jekabsone and 4 from Tamane- to close the quarter up 20-11.

In the first half of the second Hungary Could trade some baskets with Ainars Zvirgzdins’ team but then Latvia scored 5 to make it 32-18. Anna Vajda made it 19-32 at 4:30 but then came Latvia’s run. Jekabsone-Zogota started the sport capped by Zane Tamane with back-to-back baskets to make it 40-19 with 2:40 for the break. Hungary, however, didn’t quit and scored 5 straight points to make it 40-24 –a trey by Bernadett Nemeth and a jumper from Nora Bujdoso- to close the score with 1:42 remaining since none of the teams would score again, due to the aggressive defences.

After the break Latvia kept control of the game and a lead around 20 pts. Liene Jansone put the +20 back for Latvia at the beginning of the third and then began a Trading time in which both teams weren’t specially accurate and the game escaped of control with both teams anxious –ones for closing the game and the others to comeback in, turning the ball over and missing shots for over two minutes. But with 4 minutes in the third the trading was more fluent. With Latvia controlling always the game and moving its bench. Zane Tamane lead Latvia with 8 points in the quarter and Hungary was never a threat despite a final 6-0 run sparked and capped by Anna Vida in the last 1:30 which lead the game into the last period 57-41 for Latvia.

The last quarter repeated the shot, with trading during the most of the quarter. Hungary got into 15 pts after a shot from Zsofia Fegyverneky, 69-54, with 3:30, remaining but Latvia unleashed the a 7-0 run sparked and capped by Anete Jekabsone-Zogota with 1:35 remaining put Latvia back in +20, 76-54, but it was Hungary who closed the game with 5 straight points from Diana Furesz in the last 50 seconds –a trey and a jumper to establish the final 76-59 that leads Latvia into the next stage.

For Latvia Zane Tamane had 20 pts and 11 boards. Anete Jekabsone-Zogota scored 25 pts and handed 5 assists and Gunta Basko added 14 pts.

For Hungary Anna Vajda had 16 pts and 7 borads and Anna Vida added 10 pts.


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