UMMC Ekaterinburg Storms Into Semis

Results 2nd Game (martes 8 de abril) Group A Kayseri Kaski Spor 48 – Sparta&K M.RVidnoje 55 Galatasaray Odeabank 66 – Fenerbahce 68 Group B Nadezhda Orenburg 57 – ZVVZ USK Prague 55 Tango Bourges 43 – UMMC Ekaterinburg 82 1st Game (Monday April 7th) Group A Fenerbahce 64 – Kayseri Kaski Spor 58 Sparta&K M.RVidnoje […]

Euroleague Final Eight Teams Set

The Final Eight will take place in Ekaterinburg from April 3rd until the 7th. The eight qualified clubs are divided into two round robin groups of four teams each. The composition of the two groups is based on the teams’ overall Regular Season ranking. The two best teams from both groups will advance to the […]