Diana Taurasi To Skip 2015 WNBA Season, Paid by Russian Team To Rest

After leading the Phoenix Mercury franchise to their 3rd WNBA title in 2014 Tausari has made an important decision to take a summer off of the season. Deciding that family and her personal life is important while not having rested during her career until. An offer was produced by her current European team UMMC Ekaterinburg and […]

UMMC Ekaterinburg Storms Into Semis

Results 2nd Game (martes 8 de abril) Group A Kayseri Kaski Spor 48 – Sparta&K M.RVidnoje 55 Galatasaray Odeabank 66 – Fenerbahce 68 Group B Nadezhda Orenburg 57 – ZVVZ USK Prague 55 Tango Bourges 43 – UMMC Ekaterinburg 82 1st Game (Monday April 7th) Group A Fenerbahce 64 – Kayseri Kaski Spor 58 Sparta&K M.RVidnoje […]