Tickets Now On Sale For Pre-Olympic Qualifying Basketball Tournament

Tickets for the 2008 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Women are now on sale to the public today May 22nd. The tournament will be held in Madrid June 9-15 in the Telefonica Arena which seats 10,500 spectators. Tickets can be purchased online at the ticket seller until sold out.

Pre-Olympic Qualifying Game Prices

Daily Event Tickets: 6 euros

All tickets will be available for pickup on the day of the event at the ticket box office at the Telefonica Arena.

Pre-Olympic Qualifying Basketball Tournament Schedule: Spain


  • Group A: Japan, Latvia and Senegal
  • Group B: Angola, Argentina and Czech Republic
  • Group C: Brazil, Fiji and Spain
  • Group D: Belarus, Chinese Taipei and Cuba

Preliminary Round:

9th June 2008:

  • 12:45 hours: Spain vs. Fiji
  • 15:30 hours: Chinese Taipei vs. Cuba
  • 17:45 hours: Latvia vs. Senegal
  • 20:00 hours: Czech Republic vs. Argentina

10th June 2008:

  • 12:45 hours: Cuba vs. Belarus
  • 15:00 hours: Senegal vs. Japan
  • 17:15 hours: Fiji vs. Brazil
  • 19:30 hours: Argentina vs. Angola

11th June 2008:

  • 12:45 hours: Brazil vs. Spain
  • 15:00 hours: Latvia vs. Japan
  • 17:15 hours: Belarus vs. Chinese Taipei
  • 19:30 hours: Angola vs. Czech Republic

The teams placed 1st and 2nd in each group will advance to the Quarter-Finals; the teams placed 3rd in each group will be eliminated and may return home.

12th June 2008: Rest Day


13th June 2008:

  • Game 13: A1 vs. B2
  • Game 14: B1 vs. A2

Game 15: C1 vs. D2

Game 16: D1 vs. C2

The games of the Quarter-Finals will be played at 12:45 hours, 15:00 hours, 17:15 hours and 19:30 hours. The order of games will be confirmed after the end of the Preliminary Round.

The four winners of the Quarter-Finals will qualify for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and may return home. The four losers will play in the Semi-Finals.


14th June 2008:

  • Game 17: Loser 13 vs. Loser 15
  • Game 18: Loser 14 vs. Loser 16

The Semi-Final games will be played at 17:15 hours and 19:30 hours. The order of games will be confirmed after the end of the Quarter-Finals.


15th June 2008:

  • Game 19 (19:30 hours): Winner 17 vs. Winner 18

The winner will qualify for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.


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