USA Australia Dominate In Debut of Olympics

Australia and the USA debut very strong in the opening games of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Basketball Tournament. Australia was the first game for the tournament and from the beginning the Opals set a tone inside and outside and finally finished with 19 point win over Belarus.

USA Womens Basketball Team found strength inside by the strong presence of Silvia Fowles which the Czech Republic found unstoppable finishing with 16 points and 14 rebounds. Diana Taurasi was the high scorer for the women with 17points.

China the host country one a decisive game at the during the end of the 4th quarter with a 3point win over Spain.

  • Australia 83 – Belarus 64
  • USA 97 – Czech Republic 57
  • China 67 – Spain 64
  • New Zealand 76 – Mali 72
  • Russia 62 – Lativa 57
  • Republic of Korea 68 – Brazil 62


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